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Hoagland Handmade

We're a husband and wife team (supervised by our rescue pets - a dog and a cat)

Hoagland Handmade

About Us

Together, we create finished natural fiber knits, notions for other makers, and offer some of our favorite local yarns for other knitters, crocheters, and weavers.

Proud Small Business Partner with the National Forest Foundation

We donate to plant a tree through the National Forest Foundation for each item you purchase.

Badge from the National Forest Foundation reads: The Sapling Program National Forest Foundation nationalforests.orgThe I in the word "Sapling" is a line art tree

Why natural fibers?

When Karen first learned to knit, she didn’t realize that nearly all the yarns at the big box stores were acrylic – that’s right plastic.

While she enjoyed knitting, she didn’t really become passionate about it until she was introduced to natural fibers – hand-dyed merino, hand-spun wool, and later locally farmed wool, llama, and alpaca. The sustainability. The natural beauty. The marked improvement in comfort, workability and fit. The farmers who know their animals by name and personality. The dyers who turn skeins of yarn into their canvas to create beautiful works of art.

For all these reasons and more, we use natural fibers to bring you loving crafted sustainable clothing & accessories, slow fashion & slow textiles.