Virginia-Grown Cotton Reusable Facial Rounds

These eco friendly reusable facial rounds are hand-knit from locally farmed Virginia-grown cotton.

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These reusable facial rounds are hand-knit from Virginia-grown cotton from a local farm just a few hours away from me. These are as close to hyper local as you can get – is “farm to needles” a thing?

These undyed cotton facial rounds are all natural. They’re hand-knit using locally farmed cotton so they’re zero-waste and eco-friendly. When you’ve exhausted their useful life, these can be safely composted because they’re all natural.

This cotton is some of the fluffiest I’ve ever worked with and it’s perfect for pampering my sensitive skin.

The small reusable facial rounds are about 2.25” wide and the large are about 3″ wide. They’re sold in sets of three reusable cotton pads.

Care: hand wash cold or machine wash on a gentle cycle. Let air dry.


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